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Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions


The lessee must take care of the vehicle and its equipment during the rental period and may not take any changes to it at that time.

The tenant is obliged to follow the landlords instructions regarding the maintenance of the vehicle. The vehicle and its equipment must be returned in unchanged condition, apart from normal wear and tear. The tenant is responsible for loss during the rental period of the vehicle (and equipment) and for any damage that does not constitute normal wear and tear. It is the tenants duty without any delay notifying the landlord of this. The lessor shall, after such notification, notify the lessee of the measures to be taken. In event of theft and damage to the vehicle caused by an unknown person, the tenants responsible for report to the police to the place where the theft/damage took place and send a copy of the report to the landlord.

Before renting, the landlord and tenant must carefully inspect the vehicle and note any damage and, if necessary, draw up a list of equipment to be signed by both.

Upon on return of the vehicle shall the lessor and the lessee again inspect the vehicle and deviations shall be compensated by the lessee. The landlord and the lessee should also carry out a security check of the vehicle to make sure that it is safe to drive and there is no documented damage. Suggestions for security checks are below.

The lessor is the owner of the vehicle and is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle does not have a driving ban or ban on use and that the vehicle has a valid motor insurance. The lessor is also responsible for ensuring that the vehicle and its equipment are protected by insurance that also covers rental, valid throughout the rental period and until the vehicle is returned to the lessor. The landlord is also responsible for keeping updated on any changes in the insurance terms and conditions that apply to the rented vehicle at any given time. To the extent that damage or loss of vehicle or equipment is not covered by the insurance and provide that vehicle is insured for rental above, the tenant is obliged to compensate the entire loss or damage. This can, for example, be about the tenant does not meet the insurance company´s requirements for normal diligence. Includes the loss or damage of the insurance if the tenant is responsible for paying deductible. Rental is not responsible for the content of the agreement and can´t guarantee that the agreement template is comprehensive and / or error-free. The agreement template Is a standard template. In complicated situations, always consult a lawyer.

The tenants undertakes to pay a deductible of 6000:- SEK in event of damage to the vehicle. The insurance terms and scope are stated in the copy of the insurance policy that should be provided by the landlord.

The lessee must return the vehicle at the same place where it was picked up at the end of the rental period (unless otherwise agreed)

The vehicle may only be used for normal use in Sweden by the tenant. For another person is especially required consent of the landlord. If the tenants wish to use the vehicle outside Sweden, this can only be done after the landlord written approval. The lessee is aware of his rights to dispose of the vehicle under the lease ceases immediately if he without the landlord´s written permissions tries to take the vehicle outside of Sweden. The tenants is responsible for all cost that the landlord may incur if the tenants or his deputy illegally drove the vehicle outside Sweden or the countries the lessor approved in writing. The tenant does not have the right to transfer the lease to another person. The tenant may not rent out the vehicle to another. The vehicle may not be used for competitions, towning or transport of person  or goods for a fee (unless otherwise agreed). The tenant is responsible for ensuring that he/she has sufficient knowledge of the vehicle to be able to preform and handle it in a good way. Smoking and pets are prohibited in the vehicle. The vehicle must be returned well cleaned.

The rent includes free kilometers.

The rent does not include the cost for fuel or other consumables.

The vehicle MUST be returned with FULL TANK

Debit 1200 SEK if the car is not returned with full tank.


When booking with Paradise Lapland (PL) all participants confirm that they

a) have read and accepted our booking conditions, cancellation policy and disclaimer.

b) every person that drives a snowmobile is minimum 16 years old, showed a valid driving license (mc, moped, car, snowmobile) to the guide before the tour and is wearing a helmet while sitting on a snowmobile. Without valid license guests can follow as a passenger if there is space on a snowmobile, if not they cannot follow on the tour.

c) are informed about that the aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon that can never be guaranteed or predicted for 100%.

Any cancellation fees will be determined with the date the letter/e-mail has been received by PL. Cancellation fees are written in percentage of the total tour price. Cancellation from date of booking until 3 days before date of the tour will be charged with the 20% of the reservation fee. Cancellation less than 3 days (72 h) prior to date of the booked tour and departure of the booked tour (NO SHOW) will be charged with 100%. The person proceeding the booking authorizes PL to – in case of cancellation – debit this amount from the credit card that is used for booking.

The guest(s) will receive a booking confirmation via e-mail from PL upon receiving reservation fee for a tour. It is your responsibility to be at the meeting point 10 minutes prior to pick-up time. We will not be able to wait for you if you are not at the meeting point at the right time. 

In case PL cannot accept a booking, any money will be refunded directly. 

PL cannot accept liability or pay any compensation in case of any event which we could not foresee or avoid. This may include – but is not limited to – extreme weather conditions, delay of public transport (flight, train, bus) to Kiruna, disease and all similar types of events outside of our control.

Pick up destinations for our tours are hotels/hostels in Kiruna. With booking of any tour while accommodated outside these settlements it is the guests own responsibility to arrange transfers to/from any agreed upon meeting point in Kiruna at own costs.

Booking of children under the minimum age for participation published for each tour will strictly disqualify from joining the tour but causing the full price for all persons related to the booking.

In case of any damage of our vehicles (snowmobile, car) during the tour, the person/persons that caused the damage is/ are required to pay 6000 SEK on the spot. 

PL reservse the right to a) change the group size b) the place of the tour c) refuse a guest the right to drive a snowmobile if – in our opinion – there is any security risk. Guests who can not communicate in English, Swedish or any language spoken by the guide, are not allowed to drive a snowmobile and will join the tour as passengers instead. d) deny guests under the influence of alcohol from joining any tour. 

All tours offered by PL are conducted at the guests’ own risk. It is the responsibility of the guest to be aware of their own limitations. PL disclaims any responsibility for any loss, accident, injury, damage, sickness or any other event beyond PL control. We require all guests to have sufficient medical and travel insurance. 

All guests are required to pay attention to safety guidelines and follow instructions given by the guides. Failing to do so can result in severe danger and injury to the guest or 3rd parties and consequently guests will be excluded from the tour without the right for compensation of any kind or refund. Guests excluded from the tour face all charges at their own cost.

The bookings for our tours are not cancelable/refundable.

By booking a tour with PL participants agree to the terms and conditions written above.

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