Outdoor Adventure


Popular Adventures

Snowmobile Tours

Experience the thrill of a snowmobile tour through our winter wonderland. Explore the untouched beauty of nature with our off-road vehicles. Enjoy the crisp air and stunning views as you speed through the snow-capped mountains. Join us and create unforgettable winter memories!



Minibus Tours

Discover more in the area! 

  • Day tour sightseeing to Nikkaluokta trying to get a glimpse of wildlife and see where Swedens highest mountain is located.
  • Evening tour to hunt the Northern Lights on our way to Abisko National Park 

Dogsledding Tours

We work together with dogsledding companies in Kiruna that share our vision for delivering good service for the guest and prioritising the wellbeing for the huskies and enviroment. We can offer a variety of options to choose between that suites your wishes.



Explore The North

Our passion is to deliver a genuine experience and show you the best of nature and wildlife in the area.

Unique huts & Apartments

If you want to get away from the city and out into nature, you are welcome to Poikkijärvi and our unique accommodations by the banks of the Torne river.

Or stay at our apartments in Kiruna. With a 15 minutes walk to the central bus station this is a flexible option for companies.

Hut from outside
Hut from inside
Apartment upper bedroom
Apartments from outside

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