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About us

About us

We are a small local company and this is our dream came true. We are born and raised in Kiruna area and we had big dreams to work with what we live and breath for.

Our passion for the nature and outdoor lifestyle. 

To be able to share or passion and this moments with you who come here to experience the nature and help you to make one of your dreams come true is a blessing for us. We are so grateful and proud over the opportunity to share this moments with you.

our vision

-We strive for quality-

For the visitors of Paradise Lapland, Kiruna and for the Arctic environment so it will last for generations to come

our mission

Is to give you a unforgettable visit in Kiruna, Lapland.

We will  deliver a genuine experience on our tours and quality is a leading word for us.

-Our guides are knowledgeable nature lovers with a passion for outdoor adventures. 

We will show you the reason why we choose to live above the polar-circle, in the Arctic climate.

The beauty of winter and variety of nature and wildlife here. We want to do that in the most sustainable way to keep our sensitive Arctic environment lasting for generations to come after us. To our children and to our future.

We do so by:

-Only using new 4-stroke snowmobiles that are reliable and good for environment.

-High quality equipment aimed for snowmobiling-adventures in the Arctic.

We believe that understanding makes a diffrence.

– That through active work to increase outdoor life, nature experiences can contribute to an understanding of nature and environmental protection.

-Showing our visitors from all over the world  that the Arctic is changing fast due to the environmental impact of climate change, and how its threatening the life of the Sámi people and culture.

We look forward to meet you here in the Arctic wilderness and show you the beauty of nature that is worth protecting for the future generations.

See you soon!

//Elin & Joel and the team of Paradise Lapland


Two people and two dogs outside ice fishing

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