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Dogsledding afternoon tour

Dogsledding afternoon tour with huskies
(2 or 3 hours)

Join us on a evening mushing with the Alaskan huksies into the magical winter wonderland in the darkness. We will glide almost effortlessly through the sparse forests and endless expanses. The only sound you hear is the panting of the dogs and the runners of the sled moving over the snow. On clear evenings with a bright moon, the trees will throw shadows along the track in the forest and with a bit of luck we might also see the northern lights dancing over us while we run the sled through Europe’s last wilderness.

Private tours (max 4 persons):
Shared sled two persons, you can switch drivers along the tour 1800:-/person
The tour is approx 3 hours, includes transfer 

Group tours: 
Sit and relax on the dogsled driven of the guide 1390:-/person
The tour is approx 2 hours, includes transfer

All our tours includes pick up/drop off at your accommodation.
You will be provided with warm winter clothes and shoes customized for dogsledding tours
50% discounts for children up to 12 years

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