Outdoor Adventure


Northern Light Snowmobile Tour (7:30pm)

2,490.00 kr

Snowmobile tour in the evening to chase the northern lights.

Starting time 7:30 pm

We will travel out into the nature in the beautiful Swedish Lapland.
Starting point is 20 minutes with minibus from Kiruna city.
You will be equipped with high quality snowmobile gear aimed for snowmobiling adventures for the Arctic climate
Our guide will have -safety instructions and education for how to drive the snowmobile in a safe and fun way.

The tour is approx 32 km through the variety of the landscapes in the area on the river, lakes, forest and mountains. You will be in the winter wonderland. The dark sky will increase your chances of seeing aurora borealis dancing in the sky.
Halfway we will stop for hot drink. Coffee / tea / warm lingonberry juice with sweet snacks. We will help you to capture pictures

We can not guarantee that the northern light is visible because its a weather phenomenon beyond or control. But we can guarantee that we will do our best for you to have a wonderful experience anyway.

-Pick up information-

Be ready outside your accommodation at pick up time, the minibus is going on several locations for pick ups.
If you do not show up for the pick up, you will be charged 100% of the cost. We will do our best to contact you.
The minibus is marked with Paradise Lapland on the sides.

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